Dr. Srilakshmi will examine the client’s birth chart and medical history. She will review the chart in terms of the evaluation, cause and duration of any health problem as seen from the Birth Chart . She will also indicate likely psychological or physical weaknesses that may be causing disease, tendency towards various types of illnesses to the individual, future illness, its nature and the period during which such illness is possible.

She suggests appropriate treatment i.e., whether the disease is curable with medical treatment or if surgeries are unavoidable, she suggests suitable period for surgeries. She will assess periods of remission and aggravation of disease. She will give advice regarding combating negative forces of planets by strengthening favourable planets through herbs, suitable nutrition, Yogasanas and other remedial measures such as, charities , Pujas to planetary deities and Gemstones, which focus on complete healing of body and soul at karmic level.


Consultation Fee
  • Full reading through phone or in person: Rs.(INR) 1000/-
  • For a single question: Rs. (INR) 500/-


All clients who are approaching Dr.Srilakshmi for advice based on Medical Astrology are notified the following conditions and they shall give their consent for the same in the form prescribed below

  • Our advice is only supportive to your regular Medical treatment. The advice given by me in no way be considered as a substitute for consultation with a duly licensed health care professional at your local area/of your choice.
  • We won’t recommend altering your prescriptions without the approval of your Local licenced medical doctor. We may suggest that you speak to your doctor about changing medications when he/she feels that it is appropriate.

I have read and understood the above conditions and accepting the same I solicit advice/counselling based on my medical history/date, time and place of my birth furnished hereunder.

Birth Details

Click on the zodiac Sign to see the Pats of the body ruled by the sign.

Aquarius (Kumbha Raasi)

Aquarius governs Calves

Capricorn (Makara Raasi)

Capricorn governs Knees

Sagittarius (Danussu)

Sagittarius governs Hips and Sacral region.

Scorpio (Vrucchika Raasi)

Scorpio governs Rectum, Bladder and External genitalia

Libra (Thula Raasi)

Libra governs Kidneys, Ovaries and Seminal vesicles.

Virgo (Kanya Raasi)

Virgo governs Large intestines

Leo (Simha Raasi)

Leo governs Heart, Liver, Small intestines and Uterus

Cancer (Karkata Raasi)

Cancer governs Stomach and Breast,

Gemini (Mithuna Raasi)

Gemini governs Shoulders, Lungs, upper ribs and clavicle.

Taurus(Vrishaba Raasi)

Taurus governs Lower Jaw, Vocal cords, Thyroid gland and esophagus.

Aries (Mesha Raasi)

Aries governs Head, Brain, Upper Jaw and Pituitary gland.

Pisces (Meena Raasi)

Pisces governs Feet.